Collaboration Opportunities


Our services cater to a diverse clientele, ranging from emerging small businesses to established corporations.

Startups, being less certain about their needs and lacking extensive experience, usually necessitate a more extended timeline. Clients with prior collaboration experience benefit from a streamlined process, given their familiarity with our operational approach. To facilitate a seamless process, we encourage initiating communication with us 1 – 2 months before the production phase to discuss and clarify your product specifications.


1. Provide a physical sample of the product you wish to replicate, accompanied by detailed adjustment instructions for style, color,     shape, size, or labels.

2. Alternatively, share images of your envisioned design, along with comprehensive details covering size, measurements, color, style,     shape, fabric, labels, quantity, and destination.

3. Include a spec sheet for each style and item, specifying measurements and fabric rather than relying on hand sketches.

Factory terms and conditions

* Our price is EXWORK price include sarong only, nothing else! Please work closely with your freight company to find out all costs from    port of destination to your warehouse.

* Deposit 30% to 50% of total order is required before sarongs production.

* No cancelation once we started our sarong production.

* We do our best to help you with shipping for your sarongs. We've been exporting sarongs worldwide for years and we know which    freight company is good for certain countries. We will also monitor your sarongs cargo movement from port to port(cargo tracking).    However, once the freight company take over tour sarongs cargo. Then the responsibility of the cargo is theirs.

* You're welcome to inspect the quality of the sarongs pareo during and after the production.

* If correct color is critical for you, such as color of flag, logo etc. You must send us your color swatch

Pre-Ordering and Production Timeline

Explore our Pre-Order and custom design options with a minimum order requirement of 250 pieces per design and color for tie-dye, solid, white stamps, and hand-painted sarongs. Should you opt for printed sarongs, a minimum order of 1.000 pieces per design and color is applicable.

Our production timeline spans 2 to 4 weeks, contingent upon variables like quantity, weather conditions, and peak periods. Notably, our busiest seasons occur between March to June and September to November. To ensure a seamless process, we recommend reserving your slot well in advance, ideally 2 to 3 months before your intended production timeline. Planning ahead not only accommodates our operational efficiency but also contributes to a comprehensive and high-quality assurance process.

Sampling & Manufacturing Process

Within our office, a dedicated sample room exists to meticulously align the end products with your specific requirements. Additionally, we readily create a sample before commencing production whenever requested by the customer.

Our production capacity spans from 250 pieces per style per color to a maximum of 25,000 pieces for each monthly order. To facilitate our customers, we oversee the entire production process, from handling white raw materials to production, accessory management, packaging, and shipping via DHL, air transport, or container directly to your doorstep.

As an ethical company, transparency is our commitment. Should any issues arise or if we find ourselves unable to meet deadlines or adhere to order requirements, we will promptly inform you. We acknowledge the significant impact a delay or production fault can have on our customers, and thus, we engage in thorough consultation and communication, ensuring they are apprised of any potential issues before initiating the production process.

Labeling, Barcoding, and Packaging

Our products are shipped without labels or barcodes unless specifically requested by the customer. The standard packaging for our batik sarong pareo includes 110 - 125 pieces per polybag within one master carton. Alternatively, for special requirements, we accommodate requests for 60 pieces per polybag in a single master carton.

Should you wish to include labels or barcodes, kindly inform us of the logo, design, size, paper type, paper size, thickness, etc. It's important to note that the expenses associated with labels, barcodes, etc., are borne by the customer, and the costs will vary depending on the specified requirements.